Insurance Issues

Hello Everyone,
There seems to be an issue with our insurance where some people do not have their prescriptions applied correctly to their deductible. Everyone who is now using the new high deductible plan needs to make sure they create their account on the web site. From there you can check your account to see if your prescriptions are being applied to your deductible or not. While you are on the site you will see your charges to your HSA bank account but those charges may not be reflected in your deductible. If this is the case, as it was for myself, you may have already met your deductible but due to the error your account may not indicate that you have reached it yet. This could create a situation where you would still need to pay for prescriptions or doctor visits that should be covered. In order to help get this resolved the pension department needs to know the scope of the issue. Anyone who finds that their prescriptions have not been applied and most importantly those people who should be over their deductible and need to get their prescriptions filled need to contact the pensions department. It would be best if you sent them an email with your name and the issue rather than calling so they can handle their normal daily business but they do need to know the number of people affected and their contact information. You can send your email to Patrick at
You can also contact the Union at and we will pass your information along.
Sorry for the growing pains but it will get fixed.
Ed Beauchemin

Ed Beauchemin, President
Waterbury City Employees’ Association
65 Bank St., 2nd Floor
P.O. Box 614
Waterbury, CT 06720
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