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Thank you for visiting our Web site. Because we value you, our fellow union members, we have created this form so that you may contact us. Please complete and submit this form if you want more information or to comment on the website. We will respond as soon as possible.

Waterbury City Employees Association
P.O. Box 614
Waterbury, CT 06720

Phone: (203) 574-1736
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3 Responses to Contact Us – Feedback

  1. Michelle says:

    Website is great. Is it possible to list on here who each of the delegates are for each department so everyone has access to this information and can find it easily?

  2. dsturdivant says:

    I work at Wilby High and I feel that it would be nice to be given at least 3 days paid snow days. The seasons have changed and its very disturbing that we are effected by lack of pay. Its the most expensive time of year and its out of our control what the seasons bring. Its bad enough that we don’t get paid during the summer, so please consider some type of pay to be added for snow days during school year in our new contract to come. Thank you. Mrs Sturdivant